Chicago between the paintings

In a sunny peaceful afternoon, I went into the krannert museum,starting a new exploration.

Written by Linjie Yang

Since  I only have been to Chicago downtown only one time, I do not know much about this city. I just want to command some of these paintings.

The first painting  left me a strong impression is this “three women”. This painting wants to illustrate the women in different colors own the same right and should be treated equally.What’s more, this painting was finished in the late 19’s. At that time, only a few people had the awareness of advocating women’s rights. From this particular detail, I think Chicago is an elightning city.


The second piece is this giant painting. During my first glance, I was shocked. Because the style of the painting is very Japanese.  Due to there is no annotation along sides this painting, I can not find further information on this piece. I am conjecturing if there is a special relationship between Chicago and Japanese.

 The last one is this pretty metal style piece. The only item I could recognize in the painting is a robot. I spent much time in front of this painting, and I like the color of it. I don't know why but I just felt this painting looks very 'Chicago.' Maybe this painting leaves me the same impression as Chicago did.                


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