Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Krannert

It’s Thursday again! And Thursday is for KRANNERT!!

written by LinJie Yang

The show for this week is ‘A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Forum’. It’s a pretty old comedy first played on Broadway in 1962 and the show I watched tonight is an updating modified version.                                                                              

This comedy is impressive and fascinating not only because of the actors’ great performance but also due to the awesome costume and the background music.

Though this show is played by on-compass students, almost all the details are taken into concerned.  The props are all well-made.  The props combined with actors’ delicate costumes present a super real occasion to audiences.  It makes the audience forget they were in 21th century temporarily.

The well-composed background music is an essential fact as well. Of course, music is the soul for a musical.  I find that for each character, there is a specific music style for him.  I think background music can exaggerate the characters’ characteristic, leaving a deeper impression on the audience.

Among all the characters, what I mostly like are those five “supporting role” girls. Their performance is exaggerating enough to make the audience laugh and at the same time solve the embracing moment of the scenario transaction such as closing the open door and passing some props.


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