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Who ever knew that the adventure to help yourself could be full of so many surprises?

By: Deja Cook- Reynolds

To begin, I wanted to start off with what made me smile in this piece, because I watched this performance because of a class, yes, but I also wanted to enjoy the show. So, I had to find something that I liked throughout the performance, though that wasn’t hard. I think the part that I enjoyed the most and indeed was the reason for the smile on my face was the statue character.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

She was feisty, bold, and a power identification of a woman. Though she had no words you could see that she was confident in herself with no doubt in her mind. Then, the fact that she was so bold and fierce is what made her comical, made me smile, because I wasn’t expecting her to be real, then I really wasn’t expecting her to have a personality; she encompassed both.

However, my experience with the overall performance was both positive and negative. I enjoyed the diversity that it had in it; I enjoyed the identification of all sexual orientations, but the undertone of the whole play made me feel uneasy. It was really about a slave trying to convive herself to freedom, a perverted man who lusted after a woman, who he knew was much younger than he was and that his son had feeling for, a bitter wife, who knew her husband was no good, and deception of its highest meaning.

Let’s start with the slave. The slave was physically a woman but identified as a male, which was a plus in the play. However, it went down from there. For starters, the slave was unhappy and tried to bargain, not run away, for her freedom with one of her masters. Of course, they said no; they saw value you in her. Although, when she expressed that she could do something for them, that they found of useful, is the only time she peaked their interest. The deal was to get her master’s love of his life and then the slave could get her freedom. Hard as that was, the slave was able to get the girl, who was a black virgin prostitute, to the younger master, maybe not permanently but she got them closer than ever before, but was freedom granted? No one will ever know because they left that apart out of the play.

Then, the father of the young boy, who was the king, didn’t truly love his wife. He tolerated her. She was demanding to him and he hated that, tried to run away form it, and when he was able to get a lick of freedom; he tied to have sex with a young woman. He knew what he was doing; he knew that his wife wasn’t around he didn’t care. Then, when he found out that the girl was indeed younger than he was still pursued the lust he had for her, so much that he was willing to drug her to get what he wanted out of the young woman.

Finally, the wife took know that the husband was a cheater, lusted after other woman, and didn’t love her like he used to. Thus, the reason why she was so bitter with him all the time. Nevertheless, even when almost confirming that he had plans to cheat on her, she seemed to stick with him, because she couldn’t prove him of the action. At least that’s how the play made it seem, after ending with the couple hugging, completely forgetting what had just happen.



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