A whacky yet amusing performance

Written by Thomas Kirkendall

A funny thing happened on the way to the forum was a very weird yet amusing performance to watch as I’ve never been to a play like this one that was suppose to be funny but also had a deeper meaning behind it. many people enjoyed the play but I also noticed some people not as interested.
I honestly didn’t know what to expect going into the play, I heard it was going to be funny and amusing, although I don’t have the best since of humor I found the play to be quite funny at some points. In the beginning we had a funny introduction scene from the narrator that I thought was pretty funny when she couldn’t get the spotlight to shine on her. Most of the play was wacky scenes that I thought I probably could see on TV. I really liked the organization of the play and how they tried to build up the son of the king as I could relate to this character a little. The slaves were also funny to me as they tried so hard to give the queen what she wanted but seemed to ruin things more just because they tried so hard. Lastly the thing that stuck the most to me and what I thought was the funniest was the statue in the background. for most of the play I thought it was a real statue but when it started moving I almost busted into tears because of how clueless I was that it actually was a real person. the attention to detail on this play was amazing and overall I really liked this play. This is my favorite event that I went to at Krannert, and I hope there would be more like this to come.

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