Funny Thing In Colwell Playhouse

Written By Tim Gao

Photo By Tim Gao

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum is the one of the best musical by Stephen Sondheim. Everyone was excited about this Thursday night because of the show and it also gives us the first opportunity to attend the show at the Illinois Theatre. The first thing surprised me is the perfect seat because it is super close to the stage that allows us to see all kinds of delicate costumes and plenty of emotions on performers’ face. The whole stage was very fancy but well-organized, there are orchestras on both sides and also a fake swimming pool close to the center of the stage. Everyone on the seat just can’t wait to see what is behind the red curtain which has a happy face and a sad face on it.

The show officially starts with the whole orchestra walks into the stage and we are told that all the staffs spent lots of time and effort making these delicate decorations and massive backgrounds. This is not hard to tell because even the members of the orchestra have hand-made decorations on their head. After Pseudolus briefly introduced herself and the show, the curtain started to rise. At that moment, all of the audiences started to quiet down and ready to enjoy this famous show.

There are three huge building curtains that cover the entire background and the most remarkable the thing everyone noticed is the marble statue in the middle in the stage. This could be the most unforgettable statue I ever seed so far because it is so exquisite and realistic that the expression of the statue looks just like a real person while the texture of the clothes makes it like a marble statue still. The contrast on the statue is so strong that I can’t move eyes away from it. The thing happened next surprised all of the people in the theatre. The statue itself actually can move. It is so hard for us to believe that the statue is real and the more admirable fact is that actress doesn’t move at all but stand there with a special posture from the beginning.

The comedy that night is quite exciting and memorable which makes me even forget about the time. There are many scenes throughout the comedy make me want to watch it again. Especially when Miles were trying to kiss the fake lady, leads the comedy to the climax. I introduced this wonderful comedy to my friends after the show because I believe it is joyful to share joys with others.

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