A Marvelously Entertaining Night in the Theater

A evening filled with beautiful voices, acting, and belly laughing.

Written by Emily Reeter

I really enjoyed the performance this last Thursday.  I went in without any expectations because it had been years since I had the opportunity to attend a theater event.  When I first arrived I was mesmerized with all the different decorations, lights, and stage settings. The crowds continued to pour into the theater and you could feel the excitement through the immense chattering.  It was extremely lively and vibrant.  I couldn’t wait for the production to begin so I could see it all come to life.

                                                                                         Immediately as the show began, the live music pits blared with enticing tunes.  I thoroughly enjoyed the live musicians and the music.  It made feel like I had been transported to a larger city like Chicago or New York City on Broadway.  The musicians were so passionate and talented, yet they were so discrete and focused on the actors and actresses. The music flowed perfectly with the different settings and changes of context.  I loved the character and life it brought to the script.  It really engaged the audience and brought the performance to the next level.

I also really enjoyed the comedy that was brought to the production.  It was very easy to follow and kept me laughing throughout the night.  The comedy was light and captivating.  I loved the humor displayed between Hero and his slave.  Their friendship and quirkiness kept me smiling throughout the play. The costumes were also phenomenal.  I loved the bright colors and the different cultures that were incorporated into each piece.  I thought Hero’s costume was beautiful, I loved the details down to the machete case on his waist.  The designers really did a beautiful job making things unique and perfect for the roles, even the sailor costumes were a hit! Overall, this was my favorite event we’ve attended so far.  It was a perfect pick me up from a long week.  It had me laughing, smiling, and engaged all night long.  Although I had no clue what awaited me behind that curtain, I’m sure glad I had a open mind and was given the opportunity to attend this event! I look forward to many more performances with beautiful costumes, scripts, and music!

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