A Funny Thing That Happened on The Way to The…

A Funny Thing That Happened on The Way to the Forum was an interesting play. Before the play started, I heard the play would be funny, fun, or “very entertaining.” I had an array of reactions throughout the play. There were some funny moments, some cheesy, some happy, some sad.

I honestly enjoyed the A Funny Thing That Happened on The Way to the Forum. I thought this play was very well put together. The set was an Ancient Rome neighborhood. Everything from the lighting to “architecture” helped contribute to the feel of Ancient Rome. It takes a lot of imagination to construct a set so complex. My impression of the music was cheesy; just some of the timing of the music in certain scenarios seemed a little off. For example, when the father and son found out they had a crush on the same girl, they decided to sing about it. The father has a wife, number 1. Also, Philia was too young for the father. I honestly thought the father should have backed off…realizing his boundaries. The costumes were just right. I loved Philia’s costume. I loved the idea of the lock around her waist representing her virginity/marriage to Hero. This idea also portrayed the definition of true love, or what I think it is; that is, someone you admire, someone who sees you for you and for not what you have, true emotion shared between two people EQUALLY. Love is sacred. It’s not something you share with any and everyone, as shown in the scene of Hero unlocking Philia’s chain. That was my favorite part of the entire play. One more thing I admired was the fact that they included a transgender actress. It shows the variety, uniqueness, and sexual identification inclusion in theater that must go on.

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