Reminiscing Throughout the Opera

Written by Alyssa Pappas

Photo by A.Pappas

While watching La Boheme, I was continuously surprised.  The amazing attention to detail in all of the different sets was truly an amazing feat.

The different visual elements along with the sound elements truly aided the performance as a whole and completed it. One of these elements that I thought stood out, was in the beginning of this performance, the soot coming from the chimney’s that was floating down from the top of the stage was a very nice touch.  I thought this really added to the setting of the scene and how it was so cold that everyone was using their fireplaces.

Photo by A.Pappas

The use of the English subtitles, in my own opinion, I feel took away from the performance.  Yes it made it easier to understand what was going on yet, while I kept looking up and reading what was going on, I felt myself spending more time reading the subtitles rather than actually enjoying the opera itself.  So, although there were many brilliant visual elements that added to the performance, I felt as if this performance could have done without the subtitles.

Photo by A.Pappas

My favorite set of the performance was the second set, when they were in the main town area, out and about.  I loved this scene so much because it reminded me of when my family and I would walk around this one town after going out to dinner every winter. It brought me back and made me feel reminiscent of the memory so much that I almost started to cry.  So all of the visual and sound elements of this scene were by far my favorite.


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