The Boheme

Another Thursday comes and I go to the Krannert as usual. This time, the show I watched is an opera.

Written by Linjie Yang
I used to cannot tell the difference between the musical and the opera. I’ve watched several musicals before. However, it is my first time to watch an opera. I find that an opera cares much more on the singing apart instead of telling the story. Also, the singing style is very different.  Opera seems only uses Bel Canto, while musical uses whatever styles.

The scene on the stage is very elegant making our audience feel a sense of formal. The tenor and the soprano are the main characters. I think maybe it’s because high pitch can attract people’s attention.

By the way, I think the subtitle is very very unreasonable. It is at the top of the stage. When I am reading the subtitles, I can not see what’s happening on the stage. On the other hand, If I do not read the subtitles, I can barely understand what the actors are talking about.  I think the subtitles can be placed in a better place.

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