La Bohème: When the Ideal Meets the Reality

Written by Zhenbang Wu.

When the ideal meets the reality, we see the insignificance of the human body and the greatness of the human spirits.

Photo by Zhenbang

To meet each other, to know each other, to love each other and finally to leave each other. In less than two hours, La Bohème showed us what could have happened between two lovers in their lifetime. It let us take a glimpse of the romantic love between Rodolfo and Mim. Then in a sudden, they had to leave each other forever. The confliction between the ideal and the reality happened so sudden that it made us feel the insignificance of ourselves as human. More importantly, it let us feel the great spirits of “La Bohème”.

“La Bohème” makes me recall a book which talks about the beauty of tragedy. It says the reason why people watch tragedy is that by watching tragedy, people can feel the shock and therefore gain the purification. By watching tragedy, people feel the insignificance of themselves and therefore tend to more value their life.

Photo by Zhenbang

In “La Bohème”, Rodolfo and his friends could feel happy for simply a good meal. They were trembling but they still wrote poems and dramas. They were so pool but they still stored so many books. Compared to them, I find that I am so rich in material but so poor in spirit. From “La Bohème”, I realize that everything in my life does not come easy and thus, worth me to treasure them.

Photo by Zhenbang

We are insignificant compared to the world: there are thousands of things such as disease and disaster that can easily tear us apart. However, we are also so significant compared to the world: the great spirits could last forever.

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