A Night at the Opera

A beautiful stage setting filled with passion and beautiful voices.

Written By: Emily Reeter

This last Thursday I had the opportunity to attend my first opera performance. The crowds were rolling in as the clock approached seven thirty.  Before we knew it, the lights were dimming and the spotlights were shining.

The visual elements of the stage were phenomenal.  The settings were all very old fashioned and cozy. You could get a sense of the culture and where they were from just through the layouts of their home and the furniture that made up the household.  The clothing and costume also brought their class level and profession field to my attention.  It was crazy to me that so much information and many stories could be told just through a piece of clothing or accessory that one of the singers wore.  I also gathered a lot of emotion through the tones of the music.  The singers were beyond talented but you could hear the passion and love through the way their voices fluctuated.  I really loved my opera experience, it was like a more upscale musical in my eyes.  The acting along with the beautiful voices and phenomenal stage settings made feel like we were in an entertainment city like NYC or Chicago.  I feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to attend this beautiful performance.

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