The truth about Chicago

A city filled with endless opportunities but the question we should be asking is who has access to those opportunities?

This portrait is called Felt-tip pen on paper By Ray Yoshida

As you read the description, he showed us pieces that are disconnected from original context and separate based on similarities.

By Xuan Huynh

Chicago is my home. My parents brought me to the city at the age of two and I never left, until now. Being raised in Chicago, the artwork awakened and touched my soul. Chicago’s morals radicated through the photos and then, I thought about how those morals influence my thoughts as a child. Like any human in a new environment, I observed and intuitively created bias and assumptions based on what I saw but that philosophy limited my mindset and tolerant. I was scared to expose myself to people different from me because of prejudices I formed but that stopped as soon as I opened my eyes to the injustices the city sponsor.

When I saw Yoshida portrait, I thought about the foundation of the city, and how the photo illustrates the segregation the city emblem. Chicago is labeled one of the most beautiful cities in the country but does that include the west and south side?  Downtown and the north have the most extraordinary scenery with the best schools, limitless opportunities but we cannot say the same for the south and west side. They contain broken down homes, empty lots and very limited resources. The reason for this is the city invests fund into the wealthier neighborhoods and strip assets from under-developed communities and because of that, the people in the wealthier neighborhoods are able to reach their goals and people that are underprivileged can not.  This action is grouping people into categories based on social class and race. If you can’t afford to live in a certain area or neighborhood, your chances of advancing are not substantial and that’s not fair.  We cannot expect people from the underprivileged area to achieve their goals if they don’t have access to the resources that can make it possible.

Instead of coming together in solidarity to create a better, more just society for everyone,  we continue to sponsor the discrimination by individually gravitating towards people and communities that are similar to us. As humans, we all have similar desires and goals and we can not let our uncontrollable differences command us. We need to unite so we can create a more unique, beautiful picture.


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