A Night at the Opera

Last Thursday I had the wonderful chance of attending La Boheme Opera. I have always wanted to go to an opera since I was a little girl. It was everything I hoped it would be. and more. It told a story (that I could understand), the singing was well near perfect, and it kept me entertained. If I have the chance to recommend anyone to an opera for a reasonable price, it would be La Boheme.

The opera started off with a scene of a friendly gathering then escalated to only two in a room. It seemed as though the two characters were being reunited rather than meting for the first time. The passion behind their conversation made it seem like they were saving their relationship for later on in life. Mimi’s singing and body language showed the humility and vulnerability of the character. The orchestra tied emotions and lighting together. It made me feel the opera even more. I also loved the costumes, specifically (I do not remember the name of the lady but she took her shoe off in Act Two). Her outfit tied in with the character personality. She was bold and lively just like her costume was. Mimi’s costume also fit her personality. She was calm, sweet, and lovely. In all, La Boheme was everything I expected it to be and more, fresh and appealing.


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