Comedy & Musical: A funny thing happened on the way to the forum

The musical A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum was so much fun! I loved the show, the cast and their passionate performance. The plot of this play composed of Pseudolus, the slave helping his young master to pursue the girl next door to win his freedom, and lead to a series of funny events.

What I noticed first about this play was that the orchestra(and in this case,  we only had a couple  musicians) were visible to the audience and they also had a view of the stage. Because the orchestra is usually below the stage, we cannot see their performance and it was unique to me that it is different for this musical.

In the show, it is interesting that the relationship between the slave and the master is rather light-hearted rather than the typical abusive relationship. It makes me think about the history of human slavery in different cultures, including ancient Greece, ancient China and America. My theory is: the more slaves look different from the masters, the less empathetic the masters are toward the slaves and thus results in a more abusive relationship.

Apart from the funny plotline, I also noticed that there was a transgender in the play, which displayed diversity and inclusiveness that I really appreciate.

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