Another Art Exhibit, a Different Vibe

Written by: Emily Reeter

A intriguing day for the eyes at the Krannert Art Museum.

This week I had the privilege to visit the Krannert Art Museum.  Last time I went I had a phenomenal experience and got the opportunity to explore the Chicago art exhibit. All the pieces were beautiful and started great conversation amongst my classmates and I.  So, this week when I had to choose a makeup assignment for the performance on November tenth, I knew I wanted to visit another art exhibit.  They are most fascinating to me because I love analyzing the art and trying to understand what the creator’s message was.  I checked out the “Forensic History of Art” at the museum and was amazed to find so many incredible pieces. The paintings and sculptures were all very archaic and vintage.  The illustrations were not near as modern as the Chicago exhibit we had viewed before.  Instead, these pieces were all supposed to be assembled after World War II. I noticed that a lot of the paintings had similar color schemes, they were all warm pallets with great detail.  My favorite painting I saw looked like it was created after a towns square.  You could see the waterfront in the background, along with familiar skyscrapers, and a statue of a man on a horse in the center of the square. If you looked closely you could see locals gathering around, visiting, or just taking a leisure walk around the landscape.  It was a beautiful painting that was trying to illustrate a specific place and it’s importance during this time.  It really reminded me of my past trip to Boston, Massachusetts.  My family and I stumbled upon Boston Public Gardens and there was a giant sculpture of George Washington riding his horse in the center.  The photo reminds me a lot of this experience because all of the Boston locals relaxed in that common square and admired the art of the city there.  The other photos made me think back to renaissance times with the elegant clothing, sophisticated facial expressions, and regal settings. However, the city square painting was my absolute favorite. The exhibit was really interesting to visit because it was a great contrast to what I had experienced the last time I visited the museum. I look forward to my future visits to the art museum and all of the culture I have yet to experience.

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