Turn back the clock

Thanks to Mr. Perlman’s excellent performance, giving me such a great evening.

Written by Linjie Yang   

Mr. Perlman is a very respectful musician. Though he sits on the wheelchair, he bows to the audience each time he finishes a piece.  I can’t imagine he is already in his 70s by listening to his music.

His first piece is peaceful and a little bit brisk. It reminds me of my middle school life. At that time, I started to get attached to so many fresh stuff: learning many new subjects at school; making a lot of new friends; starting listening to foreign pop music, etc.. In those days, I wouldn’t be distributed by academic stress or peer pressure and everyday seemed to be a new adventure to me.

The second piece is emotional and kind of dismal.  When I was listening to it, I recollected my trip to London this May and the strong feeling I arriving the China Town in London cause I had not gone back home for 4 months that time.

During the last second piece, the melody is slow and relaxing. The music brings me back to 2012’s winter. There was a heavy snow that year and snow is really rare to people in my city. Everyone was so excited and went outside enjoying the snow.

These memories are so precious to me. however, time can not turn back.  What I can do is cherish every moment in my life.

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