Tamed Melody

An echo that last forever.

By: Deja Cook- Reynolds

While watching the performance with Itzhak Perlman, violin with Rohan De Silva, piano I didn’t see any visuals, instead I felt the intense passion that the musicians had asĀ  they were playing. I felt the inner and out body experience they were having as they were playing the piano and the violin. Every strum of the violin was more than a just the bow hitting the stings, it was the soul of the musician flowing out.

Foellinger Great Hall

Anybody who was watching could see how Itzhak Perlman head was jolting with the music as it grew more and more intense and the patterns began to repeat. Then, the pianist, Rohan De Silva fingers were moving a such an unbelievable speed, that it was almost unimaginable that such blissful sounds were being made.

Rohan De Silva

They calmed me, gave me a sense of hope, and made me want accomplish my dreams with as much passion as they had. Because when you can see someone’s passion you know that it’s engaged in their being ; it’s a part of them that they can’t lose. I want that. I want people to see my passions expelled like that.

Krannert Center for Performing Arts


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