A Musical Love Story

An amazing musical performance that walked the audience through a story of a doomed romance. The emotions were just flowing this Saturday during Itzhak Perlman’s performance.

Written by: Fatimah Ibidunni

Besides a piano in the middle of the stage, there was nothing else that I noticed when I walked into the Great Follinger Auditorium for Itzhak’s violin performance.

When the music began, it felt light and airy. I couldn’t help but imagine innocence and delight. I thought of the beginning of a romance when it is nothing but puppy love for one another. I loved this. The music felt so beautiful like the beginning of a love story in those films you watch on Netflix.

Suddenly as the song changed the mood of the romance shifted, it turned into bickering. As I listened to this music, I just imagined when the head over heels in love wears off. This is when lovers begin to argue back and forth in disagreement. The sounds of the violin were taunting the piano in a back and forth tit for tat. What was so beautiful about it was that after the back and forth the melodies would resume to peace. Almost like any relationship where sometimes couples argue but if they really love each other they can’t stay mad at each other for.

I loved how involved each of the performers we so involved with their music. You could see the passion they felt for the tunes that they were playing. The sounds of the piano and violin both complimented each other so well. This was definitely a great performance.



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