The Legendary Violin Show

Written By Tim Gao

Photo by Tim Gao

It was truly an honor to attend the performance of Itzhak Perlman. He was famous not only for his remarkable violin performance and contribution to the classical violin performing but also for his humor and his charm.

Playing violin as a soloist with the accompany of piano, Perlman performed many songs. In comparison with the piano, the sound of the violin is sharper and at a higher pitch. But that is exactly how the violin stands out in the duet. The emphasis on the violin deepened the beautiful sound of the violin, attracting the audience’s attention, and makes the performance unique.

One detail I noticed is that Perlman made sure that he did not play the songs he played here at Krannert Art Center before. I was surprised how dedicated he was and I immediately saw that he was really serious about his every single performance, every single piece of music, and that he did put a lot of effort to make the performance successful.

Among all the songs he played, I like the theme from the Schindler’s List. I watched a video of him playing this piece on youtube before I went to the performance, and his live show is even more astonishing. When he played, he had distinct gentle and heavy parts in order to convey the transition in emotion. I can feel the sadness, and I can also feel the hope. I was astonished because this is what music is for: through melody, we convey emotion, and we deliver message.

That night’s play makes me think a lot about the memory of my childhood because it is full of changes and very lovely. I used to play the piano when I was still a kid, even though the piano was not the major part of the show, it recalls lots of memories of me playing the piano. When I listen to the music, I can just imagine myself was playing at home with my piano as well. This show is quite special and meaningful to me. It makes me think of many wonderful music experiences in my childhood.

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