Virago-Man Dem

This Thursday, it’s Bessie Award-winning choreographer Cynthia Oliver‘s newest work. 

written by Linjie Yang


The performance is about black people or African’s masculinities and there are only 4 perf0rmers at all.  At the beginning of the performance, the four performers just stand on the stage without any movement. Gradually their limbs start to swing slowly and then the frequency increases.

At the back of the stage, there is a visual projection all the time. At first, the projection projects some real color pictures with some yellow spots on it. Then the content becomes more complicated such as different animals or superheroes.

Also, I think the performance cannot be as good as it is if the projection is missing. Because it is a little bit boring to just focus on the dancing since the style is not very interesting. The use of the projection makes the whole performance more colorful.

There is a small exhibition outside the performance hall.

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