A Story of Four

Photo by Maty Patino

“Virago-Man Dem” is not the typical dance show. You are able to connect with the dancers in any way that you can imagine. Each dancer is a different story.
Written by Maty Patino

The dance as a whole was sort of awkward. Awkward in a good sense though. You never really knew what to expect. You definitely could not expect their next move. Who was going to be on the floor, who was going to be standing, who would be sitting or any move.

All the backgrounds were amazing. My favorite one had to be when it projected the four of them, but inside of them was each part of the earth: dirt, air, water, and fire. This made me think and feel how they added to each other. They were all a part of each other. They completed themselves. They made each other, each other.

I felt that each one of them was their own meaning. By this, I mean each one of them had a message. Every time they danced on their own, they each had a different background and different song. This was very important because it showed the style and tone. Especially with tone, they all had a different one. The tone went a lot with what they were saying. When they were saying something that may make them mad, they would talk louder. They would talk softer when they would bring up family and it makes sense. We are nice to our family.

Everything about this dance show was amazing. It added a lot on how the world is seeing us.

Photo by Maty Patino

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