A Transformation Through Dance

Written by Andrew Duran,

A ticket to transformation

Going into this performance, I was pretty pumped to enter the world of dance since it is a true passion of mine. I didn’t know much about this performance but it was something that I was excited to figure out as the night went on. 

Right as the loud voice screamed “GO” to the four individuals, I knew that this night wasn’t going to go the way I expected. A common theme of “shape shifting” was portrayed throughout the night in multiple forms. I first noticed it with the style of music that was playing and transitioning. In the beginning, a real steady style was played and it created a very ominous atmosphere. As the night progressed, it began to evolve with the four individuals to possessing more bass and power. This change of style with the music allowed the audience to join in on the journey of the four individual’s transformation.

The groundwork for art

Another clear moment of “shape shifting” took place towards the end of the performance. In this moment, all four of the individuals transformed their pants into dresses and it was a beautiful sight. All throughout the night, there was a sense of a battle being fought between the individuals and the world. When it comes to social expectations, you have the world constantly yelling at you one thing when you are simultaneously fighting to let your “true self” be free. We saw this fight continue on in the night, and that last scene of “shape shifting” was a victorious moment for our performers.

A victorious moment

It goes without saying, but this night blew away the expectations that I may have set walking through the doors. What I expected was a light performance full of energy, smiles, and fun. Instead, I experienced pure emotion being displayed on stage and four warriors fighting the fight we all fight with ourselves.


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