Light Seeker: Photo exhibition at Illini Union Art Gallery

Written by Carol(Yining) Wei

Last week, I went to the photo exhibition “Light Seeker”at Illini Union Art Gallery by Champaign Photography Association as a replacement event for the violinist performance. This exhibition is available to all the students, and it is also a sale for students who are interested in purchasing¬† photographies.

My favorite picture from this exhibition is the photo of Undergraduate Library. It was taken from a unique viewpoint so both the McFarland Memorial Bell Tower and the underground windows were included in the frame. This reminds me of the days and nights I spent in UGL, the sunsets and sunrises. Judging by how crowded it is inside the Undergraduate Library in the picture, it was probably taken in an afternoon since there are usually barely anyone in the morning.

Another picture that I also loved was this one: a black-and-white photo of a train station. There was no description or title for this photo, but it seemd like a station since everyone was rushing with luggages or bags carried on them. The decorations at the ceiling shows the luxury side of the modern world, while everyone seemed busy and are in a rush for their lives. I would say that this is a pretty thought-provoking photo.


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