Virago-Man Dem

Before Virago-Man Dem, I thought the show was going to be boring and uninteresting from talking to other people about the show. Being there on Thursday made me think and feel otherwise. I personally enjoyed the show because I love modern dance.

Modern dance is unique way of dancing. There is no specific choreography and you can do and go as you please. My favorite aspect of modern dance is shape-shifting. you see shapeshifting thoughout the performance. All levels of space were being used.   There were also examples of shape-shifting in the images in the background. The artwork and projections enhanced the performance. As mentioned before, the background enhanced the idea of shape-shifting or the dance as a whole. I noticed how each dancer made each scene personal. Each scene glimpses into personal experiences.

Virago-Man Dem is something you do not see often. It is very different from any other typical dance performance you would go see.

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