Air Over Muscle

Written By Tim Gao

This is my first time attending a show features dancing. Long before I went to the show, I’ve already heard about Cynthia Oliver, a famous dancer. Although on that night she did not show up during the show, but her students successfully brought us a wonderful show.

Photo By Tim Gao

The theme of this dancing performance is “shape-shifting”, but in my understanding, this is just the technique that dancers use to convey underlying messages. The main message is that human origins from the nature and should live in harmony with the nature. Using lighting, the performance successfully show the shifting of human image. The size of the human body image enlarges, conveying the development of human society. Nowadays human activities are becoming more and more important and influencing bigger portion of the nature. For example, the expanding of human cities are taking over the nature.

Then, the show projects images to show that human should respect nature. The images feature gorillas and humans, emphasizing that humans are developed from gorillas, which represents nature. Therefore, the development from gorilla to human is the shifting of shape, also the shifting of society from nature living to urban living.

In conclusion, the performance successfully deliver the message that the development of human from gorilla is the shifting of human society. However, human should always respect the ancestor and live in harmony with nature.

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