Recognizing My PerSISTERS

Written by Kamani Harris

Reclaiming My Time
Taken by Kamani Harris


On November 29th I went to the art showing of perSISTERS by Leda Black at the UIUC campus YMCA. The art encompassed the many female figures who made an impact on society and persisted no matter the many obstacles they faced, along with many inspirational quotes by them or that represented them in a large way.

Use Privilege to Sow Justice
Taken by Kamani Harris

Many social justice topics were covered like fighting for the legalization of gay marriage, recognizing privilege and how to use it to help the oppressed, challenging the oppression that is embedded in everyday society many are so comfortable with, questioning why men are governing the decisions women can make with their bodies, and not being silent, complicit, and scared in the face of a society who may hate who you were born to be. The many women shown went against the norm and fought for what was right. Women mentioned were Harriet Tubman, Serena Williams, Kamala Harris, Rosa Parks, Elizabeth Warren, Maxine Waters, Eleanor Roosevelt and many more.

Taken by Kamani Harris

It challenged me to think about the changes I can and should make in the world because these women were able to rise above the obstacles, so what is stopping me? As I get closer and closer to graduation and still looking to discover my purpose and career, the thought of them made me not be as fearful of the oppression I may face due to my sex and skin color. I know my purpose is to help others live a more purposeful, comfortable, and healthy life, but I just hope I can reach as high a level as these perSISTERS.

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