Ending the Semester Right With Gwendolyn Brooks

Written by Kamani J Harris

Taken by Kamani J Harris

This performance of No Blue Memories-The Life of Gwendolyn Brooks has to be my favorite of this entire semester. I love stories that outline the path of determination and success of people of color, but the jazz, R&B, and puppeteering is what drew me deeper in.

The music was so smooth and reflected her poems so well. It was as if I was walking the streets of Chicago in a cartoon music video. It was so beautiful and easy to follow and had me smiling the entire time.

picture of an actor performing with a puppet.
Taken by Kamani J Harris

The presentation was so unique watching the puppeteers and actors move around frantically, watching the band play and flow so smooth, and watching the puppets be able to tell someone’s life story. I was in awe and felt like a little kid, yet took away a message that I needed as an adult.

I felt a lot of emotions that came from the theme of reflecting about your life, making an impact, and prospering from doing what you are passionate about. The entire time I reflected on my own life and thought about what I could do to make Gwendolyn Brooks proud because I left inspired.

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