Arts of Busy Windy City

Written by Sihan Wang

This week I went to the Krannert Art Museum to see the exhibition “Between the buildings: Art from Chicago, 1930s- 1980s”, it’s a very interesting exhibition because there are all kinds forms of art, including paintings, photographs, and sculptures, from lots of artists. All of those various artworks from various artists have one thing in common; those artworks were created and crafted by an artist to express different themes and aspects of the windy city Chicago.

I’ve been to Chicago plenty of times, with my friends or families. Tall buildings and large crowds of people left me with the same impression every single time I visited, busy and bustling. Yet the exhibition showed me another side of Chicago, a side of mystery, abstract, and strange.

I find that sculpture very interesting and strange, quill pen growing on an owl’s head. I tried to find the description of this sculpture but I couldn’t, so I tried to explain it with my own words. The owl reminded me of those owls in Harry Potter movies that deliver letters; I’m guessing the owl in this sculpture is related to letter, probably this owl was supposed to deliver letters just like in the movies, but with the development of technologies between the 30s and 80s, fewer people use letters, so this artist designed this owl to express the feeling that owl would start to write letters.



This is a panorama that I shot of the exhibition; to me, I felt that there are plenty of spaces in the room, a room full of artworks to represent Chicago, yet the city Chicago never left me with an impression of spacious, so I find that very interesting. Just like the old saying, “Art derives from life but it is beyond life.”

This is a set of photos that arranged by the artist. Similar to the old saying, would never say that those photos represent Chicago, it looks so different from the impression that I had of Chicago.

Overall I really enjoyed this exhibition, I found that artworks could be a lot different than everyday life, there are always people who find something different, something that normal people could never find and make it an artwork, which is the greatness of art.

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