Amazing lights of comedy

Written by Sihan Wang

Tonight I went to the Krannert center and watched the play “A funny thing happened on the way to the forum”, as I went into the theater and started to take pictures, a staff member nicely told me that they don’t allow taking pictures during the show, I realized that maybe my movement was too big, so I took the picture of the program notes and the tickets.

Overall this play was very interesting and was completely not what I expected before I went there. I think it’s the kind of play that’s funny on the surface but has some deep meaning and parable behind the surface of the show. The beginning was very funny and creative while she was introducing at the beginning but could not get the light on her spot. And one thing I thought was really funny and interactive was when the actors on stage interacting with audiences under the stage, it was really well played and funny.

The story of a slave Pseudolus tried to buy his freedom by helping his master won the girl’s heart next door was really interesting, of course with the farce plots, there could only be a laugh in the theater. Other important elements besides the story and the plots were the color, lighting and the background music from the orchestra. Colorful stage and props really told the story in a very beautiful way, I feel the color of the light and props combined perfectly with the plot, they combined in a way that set off the emotion even more dramatically, which I enjoyed from the beginning to the end. Other than the colorful stage light and props, the background music was really nice and underlined each moment of different plots, funny, sadness, happiness and so much more emotion all in the background, I seldom watch musical, but this experience made me wanted to watch more musical and expecting more from it.




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