Lovely Love Story

Written by Sihan Wang

Last night I went to Krannert center Tryon Festival Theater watched a romantic comedy La Bohème, the play was written by Giacomo Puccini, an Italian writer. When I went to inside the theater it was pretty quiet.

It started with the two co-directors introducing the play and made some jokes.


That’s the second time that I enjoyed an opera and it was quite different from the last one I went which is “A funny thing happened…” because the whole play was sung by Italian, and there was no conversation in the play, every sentence was sung by the performer which is very interesting. As a result of the Italian songs, there’s an English subtitle on the screen above the stage, I tried so hard to catch every sentence at the beginning, but lost track after the first play, because if I focus all attention on the subtitle then I won’t have enough energy to focus on what was happening on stage, so I tried to catch what’s happening without look the subtitles and it worked just fine. The use of props and colors were very interesting, the play begun inside of the house with four men and one of them is the lead in the play. I really enjoyed the way that they change the stage in such a short time, their “house” has wheels under it and it was very quick that change the scene from the house to the restaurant. During the house scene, there were so many things going in the background besides the two leaders in the play, children singing, crowds were talking to each other, it was very colorful and interesting.

I love the end scene very much, although it seems that a lot of the tragic love story all end with something similar, but I was still moved by the way that Rodolfo gave her with the pink bonnet that he bought her, which he has kept since he got it as a love token. And suddenly all the happiness has emerged, they remembered the place where they first met each other, the candlelight, the lost key, as the same time everyone returned with the gift to warm Mimi’s hands along with some medicine. Then Rodolfo rushes to the bed as she died, calling her name with extreme pain and wept as the curtain fallen.

Although it’s not a happy ending but sometimes life is full of tragedy, not everything end in a happily ever after, sometimes what matters the most is the process instead of the end, the happy moment when Mimi and Rodolfo first encounter each other, the moment they decided to go to the restaurant together, the way that they fall in love with each other, that’s the beauty of tragedy.


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