Sound of Precious Memory

Written by Sihan Wang

On November 10th, I went to the Krannert CeViolin-Pianooyed the Violin Piano duo performance by Itzhak Perlman and Rohan Desilva.

There are crowds of people attended this concert and I’ve never seen that many people in one concert this semester.


It’s the first time I’m on the second floor, yet the sound of the music was just the same as the first floor. After a short introduction, the performance begins. I never attend a classical music concert before, but I really like classical music very much and listened a lot before. Piano and violin are two of my favorite instruments. I like the smooth notes from the violin and the clear notes from the piano. Professor Perlman is such a respectful musician; even though he is on wheelchair he still bows to audiences. Some pieces are peaceful, some pieces are sad, some pieces are even spiritual. I was so excited when heard some pieces that I’m familiar with, I remember one piece was my favorite when I was in elementary school, every single note is just a piece of memory I had of my happy childhood. Through this piece, I remembered so much that it was almost like reliving that part of my life again. I remember I first heard this piece in my mom’s car; it was so beautiful that I forgot where we were going, at the end of the piece I asked my mom to play that again, and she did. Then I asked her what the name of the piece is, she said the name and told me that she likes it very much and it reminds of her blue sky. Though I didn’t remember the name of the piece, I remembered the blue sky that my mom dreamed, so every time I heard this piece or someone asked me what the name of that piece is, I tell them, blue sky.


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