The Life of Gwendolyn Brooks

The Manual Cinema of Gwendolyn Brooks was a wonderful experience. If I could, I would go see it again. I have never seen anything like it before and I really enjoyed myself. I loved everything from the visuals to the sounds effects.

The puppeteering aspect added to the style of storytelling. In fact it enhanced the aspect of storytelling. Puppeteering pulled everything together and it made sense. The puppeteering made the story easy to follow. The music also enhanced the entire play. The music matched the year of each part of the story being told. I loved the music. I loved the fact that it was live and I could feel it and I was able to enjoy and nod my head to it. I was able to feel the emotions of Gwendolyn Brooks and only Gwendolyn Brooks because she was the main focus of the story. The characters had their time to shine, but they weren’t overshadowing Gwendolyn Brooks. The emotion behind how the story was told led me to be able to feel everything.

I have never heard of manual cinema before. I honestly did not know what I was getting myself into when I walked in. As the show started, my interest grew. The fact that they were using projectors made the entire presentation unique. I did not think I would ever see a projector again since my days of elementary school. In high school we had smart boards and that was it. Overall, I enjoyed this show. This might have been the best show I have ever seen and experienced.

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