Peaceful Mind

Stressful times call for tranquil moments.

Written by Maty Patino

When feeling extremely stressed, to the point that not even listening to my favorite singer or band is helping, I listen to the great Mozart or Beethoven. Their music helps me come to peace and my mind be at ease. It helps me concentrate on what I am doing and doing it in a manner in which I can do my best.

Photo by Maty Patino

Finals are getting closer, and this being the last show was the best thing ever. I had never came to a quartet, and my expectations were exceeded. I knew they were award winners, but again, I had never heard a quartet in person. It was so beautiful and peaceful. Foellinger Great Hall does have the best acoustics. I felt that I was listening through my headphones, or as if they were exactly next to me playing. We were sitting on the balcony. The music bounced off the wall so beautifully.

Each piece that they played was performed so exquisitely. Their movements went with what they were playing. When playing “aggressively,”  such as strong notes, they would move their body as such. When playing more smooth notes, their body would be very still or their movements would be soft.

Photo by Maty Patino

Overall, the audience can see why the Rolston String Quartet is the Cleveland Quartet Award Winner. Their motions and music were utterly in sync. At times, I felt that I was flying with the notes. That is how at peace I was. I forgot about all the problems going on. I was in my own world. This performance was admirable.

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