Nice, But I Don’t Enjoy Classical Music

Written by Kamani J Harris

Taken by Bo Huang Photography

Going to the see the Rolston String Quartet at Krannert, I went in wanting to enjoy it like every performance I go to see. I finally realized I’m not into Classical music.

I don’t think it sounded bad, it actually sounded beautiful, but I wasn’t moved and would rather be listening to something else. The Ligetti was very odd and interested and got my attention more than the other pieces. I love the thought of playing the violin and cello and the sounds they protrude, but in some way sitting there listening I felt like “this isn’t for me”.

The setting for the Rolston String Quartet’s Performance Taken by Kamani J Harris

The way I felt reminded me of The Christmas concert put on by all the university’s choruses. I was in Black Chorus. The other choirs sung elegant songs like opera singers and screaming angels from above. They sung songs by famous artists, probably Beethoven or Mozart and all got a monotone, bland clap. Black Chorus brought soul, emotion, and uniqueness singing songs by black artists like Kirk Franklin’s The Night That Christ Was Born and received a standing ovation because it seemed like the audience actually felt the song within them.


I wondered can people actually feel this music? I couldn’t imagine it telling my own story or any story of struggle besides the Ligetti sounding like the music from a silent horror film and a victim struggling to escape a serial killer.

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