The Power Found in Strings

Written by Andrew Duran,

This past Sunday I had the opportunity to experience my first style of quarter. This moment was something that was a bit foreign to me so, walking through the aisle to grab my seat, I did not know what to expect.

Photo by Andrew Duran

Knowing myself and my taste, the style of music that was going to be performed tonight was something that I had reservations about. As the quartet began to perform, there was an initial wave of surprise. I found myself encompassed by the world that was being created through the strings of their instrument.

Sitting on the skyline side, there were moments where my view was blocked so I had to rely on my hearing a lot more than I imagined. Having to rely on the power of my ears allowed me to enjoy the experience as it allowed me to find a picture to accompany the music.

Photo by Andrew Duran

As the performance continued and the quartet transitioned into a different style of music, I found my attention beginning to waver. What began as interest and fascination slowly transitioned into restlessness and exhaustion. There are many factors that could have played into this but I feel like a main component was that it was over extended. I feel that this performance could have been strengthened by it being a shorter and possessing more impact rather than being longer and losing the emotion over time. Although the quality of playing was still phenomenal, it was difficult for me to remain invested throughout the entirety of the performance.

Photo by Andrew Duran

To end on a more enlightening note, there was a moment throughout the performance that my attention and interest was reignited. There was a transition made that created sound of high intensity. This was a significant change that evolved the atmosphere of the environment. Visually, you were able to witness a change in the performers style of playing as they were hitting each and every note with, not just their instruments but, their bodies. This created an image of war and a battle being fought that was amazing to experience.

Overall, this was an enjoyable night that I would recommend for those that love quintets or classical music and are ready to sit through over an hour of it. I would have enjoyed it a lot more if the performance was not as long but I don’t want to allow that to take away from the experience for those who may be interested.

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