The Life of Gwendolyn Brooks, puppeteering.

Written by Thomas Kirkendall.

Thursday November 29th No Blue Memories played in the Krannert center for performing arts. Many gathered and watched the amazing puppeteering performance that was quite not like your ordinary puppeteering performance.Personally I loved the puppeteering aspect of the play. This was my first time actually coming to a puppeteering  performance and I felt like the live acting in it was a nice touch. I feel like puppeteering made the story telling a lot easier and also told the story faster without actually taking away from the actual story. It was straight forward and easy to follow. The live music that was played during was a nice touch as well. It made it seem like we were actually watching  a TV show or movie with music in the background and through transitions. The music they played during the show was positive and gave the audience energy. and kept the show alive. Overall this performance was great and very unique this type of performance is like no other and I and everyone at the show enjoyed it.

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