Rolston String Quartet

Written by Sihan Wang

Last night I went to the Krannert center watched “Rolston String Quartet”. I enjoyed it very much, similar to the violin-piano duet concert. Although I didn’t hear any familiar song that I might hear before this time, the pieces that they played yesterday was still pretty good.

We started with seats that very far from the stage, but with Dr. Robinson’s help, we able to move to those much better seats near the stage.

I’ve never been to any string quartet before, this was my first time, and I was amazed by the way that four people performed the same piece together as a whole, not to mention that there was some very famous piece from Beethoven. During the performance I even tried to see which “soundtrack” was coming from which musician, and it turns out that this task was easy only for particular phrase, like there were some phrases that was much easier to distinguish than other phrases, usually with pretty high notes like high F (or higher) in an eight beats count. One thing that I noticed which impressed me the most is the body movement of the performer, yes, there is actually strong body movement in a string quartet, which I did not know at all. Although I went to see an orchestra concert before, I never noticed how different musician moved their body along with the melody of the music. It would sound strange but I didn’t enjoy their body movement any less than the actual piece. To me, the actual piece was like sentences or speeches that come from someone, and their movement represents the stories that they were telling. To me each piece has its own story, different music no matter pop music or classical music; all has its own story behind the sound or in the sound. In one of the piece yesterday, I translate the piece into a story, I listened to the piece like I was listening to four people telling a story, which was a very interesting experience that I’ve never had before. I remember the piece was telling a horror story; they tried so hard to alert someone not to do something, but still couldn’t prevent something catastrophic from happening.

Overall this experience was very fun, I found something that I’ve never found before!

By the way their cup cakes was pretty good

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