And now…let’s look back.

Written by Andrew Duran,

Welp, as the infamous phrase says, all good things must come to an end. The time spent in FAA 110 was beyond anything I could have expected and the takeaways that I was able to experience will last a life time. As my final blog post, i would like to take the time to flashback through the events I had the honor to live out.

Photo by Andrew Duran

Posted above is the link to the first event I attended for the FAA class. This event was an explosive start as we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Krannert Center. This event showcased all that I believed Krannert to be. It gifted the audience with passion, laughter, power in music, and full out intense contagious energy. Walking around it was hard not to see someone beaming with a smile as you traversed through the enriching atmosphere.

Photo by Andrew Duran

As Limbs Fall, Creativity Rises

The second event that I went to was entitled “Limbs”. This event showed me the spectrum of creativity and abstractness that would later be required of my mind for future events. There was nothing I could have done in order to prepare myself for the ominous experience that “Limbs” turned out to be. The thuds of the various arms and legs as they fell to the ground were loud enough to echo through the entire room. The moment of freedom given to the individual as she sheds her skin of confinement was powerful beyond belief.

Photo by Andrew Duran

The Journey of Self Discovery

The third event that I was able to attend was the Kenneth Browne exhibit. This event was the most physically engaging as there were various moments where I was able to enter into the world of Browne. Most notably, there was a video presentation that discussed the sermon on the mount given by Jesus Christ. This was particularly powerful for me due to my faith and how interesting it was to hear of a man that was searching for what couldn’t be found.

Photo by Andrew Duran

The Colors of Chicago

The fourth event that I was able to attend was a Chicago styled art exhibit. This exhibit hit home since I am your classic born and raised city baby. The portrayal of Chicago was quite vibrant despite it being in primarily black and white. When people hear about Chicago they mostly associate it with brokenness and violence so I loved that it was portrayed in this light of pure beauty.

Photo by Andrew Duran

My First Opera Experience

The fifth event that I was able to attend was La Boheme. This was my first opera experience and I was walking into this performance expecting plenty of stale serenades. However, I am happy to say that this performance was vibrant, colorful, full of life and love. Despite their being plenty of moments where I had no idea what was going on the stage and the story, it was definitely a pleasant experience.

Photo by Andrew Duran

A Transformation Through Dance

The sixth event that I was able to attend was the “Virago – Man” dance performance. This performance was the one that probably had me feeling the most uncomfortable. Before it began, this was the event that had me feeling the most excited since dance is a passion of mine. However, this was not the dance that I was used to as it was more abstract then I was willing to accept. Despite this, there is no doubting the power and beauty that came out of it but it was not something that was my type of style.

Photo by Andrew Duran

Puppets with a POP!

The seventh event that I was able to attend was “No Blue Memories – The Life of Gwendolyn Brooks”. This, by far, was my most entertaining event as I was brought into someone’s world through the use of visually appealing pop art. This was the most creative integration I have seen with the use of a projector while also including live acting and it resulted into a stunning performance. To be able to live out the life of one person in this form was an experience like no other.

Photo by Andrew Duran

The Power Found in Strings

The final presentation that I attended for this course was the string quartet. Personally, this was a lack luster way to end the creative blast that was this semester. Knowing myself, a classical ensemble has never been something that I would enjoy.  There were definitely moments throughout the night where I found myself enjoying the performance and the love for music the exuded. However, I felt as though the length of the performance took away from the experience for me since I was very quick to lose interest and get distracted. Despite all of this, the night ended on a high with the high intense and powerful music choice they performed but it was not my favorite performance.

Photo by Andrew Duran

As a whole, looking back at everything I was able to learn and experience through this course was beyond anything I could have expected. I enrolled in this course in hopes I would be able to further explore my passion for art in ways I never had the chance to. As it goes without saying, I had the chance to participate in shows and art performances that I never would have experienced without this course. I am thankful to everything that this provided me and I hope to be able to further pursue the arts in the semester to come!

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