Too Fast, Too Soon

When registering for classes, I was a little confused as to why my advisor would advise me to take such a class. I then realized that it was more than that. After the first event, I became incredibly interested.

Written by Maty Patino

1.The first event I attended was The Celebration of the Krannert Center.

2. The best weirdest show ever

3.Visual Music

4.Art from Chicago

5. Funny Play by Illinois

6. The Four Different Perspectives of Dance

7.The Puppet Show


Throughout this journey in FAA 110, I realized how much I was missing out. If I would have known that this class was so interesting, I would have taken it my freshman year and hopefully take more similar classes upcoming semesters. Sadly, I can’t next semester because I need to be on top of my Pre-Medicine requisites and major since I had to change it second semesters. Because of how diverse our classroom was, there was always something that someone could share that allowed us to see things from different perspectives.

The best part of the class were both our professors. Dr. Collins really inspired me with how whenever we feel liek drowning, out toe will always touch the bottom and we will be able to take a breath. Dr. Robinson’s was always so optimistic, always smiling and that was truly amazing.


All pictures taken by Maty Patino.


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