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Written by Sihan Wang

When I took this pictures of all the events tickets and the program notes for each event, it’s amazing to realize that I’ve been to so many art events that I enjoyed this semester.

It’s been about three months; I’m looking at the snow outside of my window, the time has passed so quickly, as I remembered when we first walk into that class, we were still in short sleeves. If I could go back and change something in my college life so far, I would move this course to the most stressful semester without hesitation. Before I came to this class, I just heard that this class was an easy class (of course, in terms of getting a good grade which everyone cares), so as this was going to be my last semester, I wanted something not that stressing, so I registered. Before I started, I had no idea what “art appreciation” would be like, and it turns out, every single event was a relief for me from my stressful papers, homework, and exams during this semester. Basically, in this course, we have so many chances to go to all kinds of different art event, including music concert, dance performance, exhibitions and so on, take pictures and then write a blog about my experience with the events. I’ve never been a person good with writing blogs, yet I enjoyed this way of recording my experiences with events, it could always evoke some part of myself I never noticed before, and with writing it down, I’m enhancing some good memories from my past, those wonderful moments in my life, it tells me that even though life is tough right now with all the stresses coming from all direction, we were still able to enjoy some part of our experiences, we could still have fun, and the best part is, when the stress was gone, it will all just turn into another precious memory of our past.

now enough with the introduction, below are all the events I went to. I included: a title of my own posts (in dark red) for each event, every events’ name (in blue with the hyperlink you could click on, direct you to my blog for each event), and one representative picture for each event below.


My title: Know ourselves through the world

Event title:

Erica Gressman Limbs


Event title: Amazing experience

Event Name:

Marcus Tardelli, Guitar


My title: Arts of Busy Windy City

Event Name:

Between the Buildings: Art from Chicago, 1930s- 1980s____________________________________________

My title: Amazing lights of comedy

Event Name:

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum____________________________________________

My title: Lovely Love Story

Event Name:

La Bohème____________________________________________

My title: Conversation with Acceptance 

Event Name:

November Dance____________________________________________

My title: Sound of Precious Memory

Event Name:

Itzhak Perlman, violin with Rohan De Silva, piano____________________________________________

My title: Act of Love

Event Name:

Cynthia Oliver/CoCo. Dance Theatre: “Virago-Man Dem”____________________________________________

My title: Amazing puppet show

Event name:

Manual Cinema: “No Blue Memories- The Life of Gwendolyn Brooks”____________________________________________

My title: Rolston String Quartet

Event Name:

Cleveland Quartet Award Winner: Rolston String Quartet____________________________________________

Ok that’s it! With all of the above pictuers, blogs, I ended my interesting journey with FAA 100 this semester. Yet this is not the end with my journey in art exploration, instead, it was just a beginning. With all the events that I’ve attended, I realized that I have grow more interest toward art-related events. The art world is such a huge world with full of surprises and amazing experiences that I will not let go.  As for now I have planned my art journey starting with the Broadway show- “Hamilton“, on December 21th in Chicago. This class has been a huge break from my other traditional classes, like a breath of freash air that pep me up in a morning walk, I would like to thank Dr. Collins and Dr. Robinson for such a wonderful and stressless experience, and also thank every single classmates, everyone in this class has been very friendly, I wish both professor and classmates a happy holiday, and a joyful life with the art world, and I’ll see everyone in the next event!


Sihan Wang

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