My semester In FAA 110.

Written by Thomas Kirkendall

This school year I didn’t expect to like this class as much as I did. I thought it was gonna just be another class I took that I wasn’t gonna realty pay attention to. Then we started going to some events and I started slowly liking the events more and more as the school year went on.

The First event I went to was Krannert Center 50th anniversary

The next event was How Tardelli changed the way I feel about live performed music.


gressman performance 

A whacky yet amusing performance

The Night At The Opera

no pictures were allowed at this performance

The Life of Gwendolyn Brooks, puppeteering.

no photos were allowed

I really enjoyed going to all the different events for this class, and getting the chance to see the different kinds of performances that I did. some of these performances were my first time going, kind of like the opera and the greensman performance and even the puppeteering. It feels good to be open minded and try new things that you are not use to because you might end up enjoying it. If I could take this course again I would. Thank you to all the actors and performers who played roles In these performances I really enjoyed them!

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