A Heartbreaking Farewell

From museums, to performances, to beautiful tunes, a semester full of beautiful masterpieces.

Written by: Emily Reeter

I was a transfer student coming into the University of Illinois this fall. This summer I had to come to campus to meet with my phenomenal advisor Patty and decide on some courses for the upcoming fall.  Clueless was an understatement.  When I walked into the room for advising, I was extremely overwhelmed by the crazy assortment of classes the university had to offer.  I scanned through numerous pages of courses, and decided to ask one of the returning students about her preferences.  She was quick to mention that she heard FAA 110 was supposed to be a super interesting and entertaining course and really recommended that I give it a shot.  She also mentioned that I had to register for it because it was in the Krannert Center, which she thought was one of the nicest and coolest buildings on campus.  So, I took her word for it and enrolled that afternoon.  Little did I know that I would enjoy this arts class in the little hidden of a gem room in Krannert so much!

Here are some of the exquisite experiences I had the pleasure of taking part in.

  1. Opening Night at Krannert

2. My Experience Beyond the Exhibit

3. The Magic of the Music 

4. The Charming City of Chicago 5. A Marvelously Entertaining Night in the Theater

6. The Night At The Opera

7. Another Art Exhibit, a Different Vibe

A Make-Up Assignment at the Forensic History of Art

8. A Museum of Blues 

I had never taken a fine arts class prior to FAA 110 and am so thankful I registered for this course.  It was a highlight of my week, I really enjoyed the instructors and the freedoms they gave us to express ourselves.  I was constantly amused with the performances and exhibits I had the privilege of visiting.  I also really liked having the opportunity to check out different parts of campus with this course because I just recently transferred to Illinois and didn’t know some of these places existed! The course was really refreshing and I wish I didn’t have to leave it. I learned a lot about different performances and also which ones I enjoy the most.  Over Christmas break, my family and I are going to a Christmas play at our local theater in town and I’m excited to see how it compares the performances we’ve seen as a class. I can’t thank my Dr. Robinson and Dr. Collins enough for this opportunity and all of their help! They’ve made it an unforgettable semester.

All photos by Emily Reeter

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