No Blue Memories

No Blue Memories is one of my favorite performances. From the live band and singer to the puppets and the background story. As soon as the show begin, I was astonished with the set up. There were maybe 2 or 3 people that were playing actual roles in the performance, but the rest were puppets. A live band and the singer were set up in the middle corner of the stage playing amazingly. Her voice was so gracious and was perfect for this performance. Being an African American woman, it was nice to see such a creative show built to present an iconic Black woman named Gwendolyn Brooks.

This was my first time seeing a puppet show. I started to wonder how were they switching the puppets and background so fast? It’s incredible. I know that it may have took a lot of practice to and time to set up this show. Multiple people around the projector changing the scene, making the background music, and moving the puppets. The energy from the characters made it even more engaging. I was drawn into the storyline as if I haven’t heard of Gwendolyn Brooks before. This is something that I would love to see again.

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