Erica Gressman: Limbs

Limbs was a very interesting piece. The way the performer used its body with using multiple techniques. Hanging from a string I didn’t think much was possible. The performer used its emotions through their body. In a blue suit, the performer was completely covered. Spinning into a ball, yanking and pulling with force. Then begin to hang as if the performer was tired or feeling free.

To me, it seemed as if the storyline was based on breaking free. The performer was zipped inside a suit hanging. Moving, pulling, and leaning as if it wants to break free. At some point the performer does break free. The performer begins to unzip out of the suit and walk away from the hanging equipment.  It could be related to life. Some people tend to struggle at times with juggling life and school, hanging on to dead relationships, letting their fear take over them, or letting their failures define them. It’s better to outbreak from those habits and find a balance.


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