Gone Girl

Last semester, I was very upset with my advisor as to why she put me in this class. For the past two semesters, she was putting me in these classes that had nothing to do with my major and future…apparently they want you to get a feel of everything before you choose a major. I already know what I wanted to do, UIUC just doesn’t have a specific major for it. I was thoroughly upset when I saw this class on my schedule. Now I don’t regret it being on my schedule. This class was honestly a detox from all the stress from my other classes and I am glad I was put in it. Even though I have been to four events, I attended every class and enjoyed every minute.

All of the events I have been to were very enjoyable. Here is a list of my favorites from most to least:

Virago-Man Dem

I love modern dance. I danced when I was younger but I never danced modern dance. Seeing this made me happy. I enjoyed how expressive and free it was. I’d probably go see it again.




The Funny Thing That Happened…

This show was very entertaining. I loved the storyline and the enthusiasm of all the characters no matter the age.





Manual Cinema

This was the best manual movie I have ever seen. I had never seen anything like it before. I’d love to see this again. I LOVED it. Nothing was filtered. Everything was how it seemed as it was back in the day.




La Boheme

I have always wanted to see an opera before. La Boheme was a great first experience. I probably will not go to anything like it again only because I don’t care for the singing the ENTIRE time.


I thoroughly enjoyed class. I had fun being creative and exploring not only the arts, but exploring my mind. I do not have the time to be creative, so having a class that is focused on that was everything I needed to stay sane this semester. If I could, I would take this class over again. Sad to say it, this is my last and final blog…

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