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An experience at a Spring Quartet

The ticket of the show backdropped against the stage

Experiencing the Jupiter Spring Quartet was relatively a new one. I have to admit that I am not one to listen to Classical music on a casual day, nor is it a favorite genre. Therefore, I did not have any expectation before seeing it, except that it would be similar to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. That statement alone, shows how little I know about String Quartets.

Members of the Jupiter Spring Quartet

I would describe the performance as strangely intimate. It did not change my perception of the genre in any particular way, but I do feel connected during the performance. The smaller number of people performing and in attendance, somehow made it more relatable. The incorporation of Tai Chi with the music, felt like two foreign entities pieced together. It strangely works, but not the best combination intuitively to the untrained eye.

I, however, really enjoyed watching the choreography for tango, and it was my favorite of the night. It’s amazing to see how the two dancers danced gracefully. I am unsure if this is true or not, but the position of lead and follower seemed to change from time to time, and it happened so seamlessly. I thought the choreography enhanced the music experience, making it even more enjoyable.

If I were the director, I would add a screen as a backdrop during the tai chi performance. As somebody who has never done tai chi or know any Chinese characters, it would be a nice addition to be able to envision what the movements represent. Of course, I am acknowledging that for some, this can lead into over explaining the performance and might instead be disliked. All in all, it was a good performance and it’s always nice to be in the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts. One of the things that pleases me always is seeing people exiting the show and discussing it after.

Foellinger Hall after the performance

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