Elegance Of Music And Dance

By: Darnisha Dunning

The Jupiter String Quartet performed at the Krannert Center on Thursdays February 7 with performer Chungliang Al Huang, Tai Ji master.

When I found out that we had to see the Jupiter String Quartet, I did not know much about what type of music that the group would perform because I have never heard of the group. I first thought the performance was going to boring because I was only expecting the band and one performer in the show. After seeing the performance, I discovered that it was fascinating to watch. The passion the group put into each song performed and it was relaxing. I like that they added more than one dancer because it brought more value to the song and dance. I liked the combination of the music with group dance because they incorporated the entire group. I also liked it when they started coming together the musical instrument faded slowly, but it went with the concept of the performance. The most interesting part of the concert was music and tango performance. It was good to see the dancer speed up their fool of dance. The tango was also an unexpected part of the performance. Towards the end the music stopped, and we all thought the performance was over, but they surprised us with a tango performance. If I were the director, I would not change anything because everything flowed together and the elegance of the music with the Tai Chi performance, music with formal group dancing and music with group movement was an excellent addition to the performance flow and quality of music with movement.

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