A relaxing night

By Claudia Johnson

My first Krannert show turned out to be better than one could have expected.

I have never been to a show at the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts. I have also never seen a string quartet.

I will be honest, before the quartet began I was not expecting to enjoy it like I did. I assumed it would be a new and relaxing experience, but I did not think it would be more than that. The most I was looking forward to was being in Krannert itself. I have been told that it is an amazing place to see shows so I was looking forward to being in the building.

Krannert is a beautiful place and definitely exceeded expectations. It is not the only thing that exceeded my expectations though. The show itself was absolutely incredible and makes me excited to see more. The music was beautiful and was much more than relaxing. It was soothing and eerie at the same time, I never lost my focus. However, the most interesting part of the whole show was the dancing that accompanied the music. The Tai Chi was unlike anything i have experienced before. It made me get into the music so much more, I truly felt in the moment.

The moment that defined it all for me though was the final tango. Any professional dance I have ever seen was nothing like that. I was expecting a dance like that to be between a man and a woman but it was with two men. The tango was the perfect mix of feminine and masculine and I never lost interest. The whole entire show was incredible but that dance is what caused me to stand up and clap.

I can’t wait to see what else this semester has in store for this class. My first experience at the Krannert Center was incredible and I am excited to see more.

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