Amazed and Confused

Written By: Quintionna Parks

Jupiter String Quartet: amazing, yet, confusing.

This semester I was expecting some really diverse, and different performances than what I’ve seen before. Watching and listening to the String Quartet made me realize that I won’t understand every performance. I really loved the music portion because it felt as if there was a story being told. I really saw myself daydreaming that I was listening to a Disney movie unfold, it was truly magical.. until the dancing came in. I didn’t understand what was going on when the dancing portions started up, which is fine I just really didn’t understand it. However, I really enjoyed the formal dancing part with the two people because it just seemed so effortless. The most interesting part of the performance was the Tai Chi part, mainly because I didn’t understand it so it was mind bending to figure out the meaning behind it. If I were the director I wouldn’t change anything content-wise because overall it was an interesting performance, but the duration was long and my attention was lost during the last thirty minutes or so. Overall, I really enjoyed the performance and I look forward to the next one!

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