String and Dance

Foellinger Great Hall
Cafe in Krannert
Before the Show Begins

Hey everyone, I’m Fengdeng from FAA110. So I visited Krannert for the Jupyter String performance show on Thursday and enjoyed the show so much.

The strings (violins) reflected me back to the days when I was in junior high practicing violins… Back in those days, I would ride a bike 5 miles away from my home to take violin class. After class, I usually paid a visit to the local food market to get some snacks… Gosh, can’t believe it has been almost TEN years.

About the show, it’s interesting that it incorporates Taiji (太极) into the rhythm and it went pretty well. I can tell the violin performers are of high skills even though I haven’t practiced for few years.

Staff in Krannert are professional, the interior is nice enough to leave audiences great impressions. Except the cold weather, this experience is more than fabulous.

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